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Acrylic on Linen
101.6 X 101.6cm
Community: Patjarr

Tjakura rockhole is in the tali (sandhill) country on the eastside of Patjarr. It is a deep rockhole with cool water, not too far away. This is the home to Tjakura, the great desert skink, a short yellow edible lizard. Lunkarta (Blue Tongue lizard) and Tjakura (great desert skink) had a big fight there and killed each other. They are buried there under the sand. Other rockholes associated with the Tjakura Tjukuurpa are the Kutuntjarra, Pulpapulpatjar, Mirtu, Malpurritti, Ngari, Nyuntul and Pukarlu.

Tjukurrpa – physical feature or part of the countryside associated with a dreamtime story: Character from a dreamtime story. (From Ngaanyatjarra and Ngatjatjarra to English Dictionary, IAD Press.)