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Rabbit Proof Fence

Acrylic on Canvas
91.0 X 122.0cm
Community: Nyoongar

Painted in the year 2006 and presented to visitors from Colgate University at Roelands Mission; Bunbury regional Western Australia.

Graham ‘Swag’ Taylor was born in the wheat belt town of Merredin, WA. Swag’s family originated from Kellerberrin where he was brought up on the reserves. As a young child he was taken from his family and sent to Roelands Mission.

Swag ‘learnt the ropes of painting’ when he was a teenager, he met with Senior Noongar Artists where he would ‘watch and listen’ as they painted. Swag paints the landscape indicative of the topical Carrolup Art of the South West of WA, which is unique and not an adaption or representation of any other known style. The Carroloup Artists had a technique bursting with individuality and true character which has bee carried on into the next generation.