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Minyma Kutjara (Two Sisters Dreaming)

202.0 X 136.0cm
Community: Irrunytju (Wingellina)

The minyma kutjara tjukurpa (two sister dreaming) story tells how two sisters traveled North together. The big sister was taking the little sister to meet her family to the first time. She had been raised by others and did not want to leave them. They walked and walked and walked, stopping to do inma (sacred dancing and singing), to hunt and to sleep. The older sister taught the younger sister to make manguri (head rings woven from hair, emu feathers and grass) to carry things. The little sister was frightened and crying and the big sister told her stories and gave her a piggy-back to try and placate her. At Irrana they were doing inma, they noticed some men from Docker River watching them. They quickly got up and traveled to Puntji rockhole. The places where the sisters traveled and rested can be traced through the desert, their actions often created landmarks.