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Minyi Puru at Punmu Warla

Acrylic on canvas
61.0 X 91.0cm
Community: Kunawarritji

The painting depicts a part of the Minyi Puru (Seven Sisters) story. Minyi Puru is an important Jukurrpa (dreamtime) story about seven sisters that are travelling throughout the desert running away from an old man called Yurla. The man chases the wantis (women) all the way from Roebourne on the West coast right through Martu country before flying East. Along the way they stop at a lot of important places to camp, sing, dance and collect bush tucker. There are also many interactions with Yurla when he catches up with them along the way, creating an amazing abundance of stories and meaning with this culturally rich narrative. This part of the narrative is the sisters at Punmu Warla (lake) which is also known as Lake Dora. The Community of Punmu is situated on the edge of this lake.