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Middle Yard

Acrylic on Linen
120.0 X 90.0cm
Community: Alawa

“This is a really important place this one for Murungun clan. This is the next place that Munga Munda went. She made the billabong here, it’s got a little creek running into it. But it’s important because two dreaming stories come through here, Munga Munga and Sugarbag dreaming. They come together here.
At this place there was one old spirit man lived here. When them mermaids came to make that billabong that old fella chased them everywhere. He wanted one young one for his wife. He chased them all around everywhere but couldn’t catch them. At the end he was too knocked up and he turned into a big rock. There’s one big white rock just near to Middle Yard now, that’s that old man. Turned stony that, that old man missed out.”