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Mai Pulka – Plenty Food

Acrylic on Linen
122.0 X 122.0cm
Community: Amata

In this painting Tiger is telling us about the traditional bush foods the Anangu (people) relied on to survive and loved to eat. He said he had painted the country northwest of Wararru. The yellow circles with red dots at the top and left are adding water. The orange circles with yellow dots in the middle are kampurarpa or bush raisin. The berries of the kamurarpa start as green unripe fruit, changing from white to yellow, then drying out and wrinkling to brown (hence the name bush raisin). The yellow circles with white dots on the right are the ngapari or water mallee trees. The Anangu eat the sweet crusty lerp scales found on the leaves of the ngapari. The smaller shapes are other undisclosed foods.