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Acrylic on Canvas
95.0 X 79.0cm
Community: Kanpi

“Kalaya nugrangka (emu’s country and home). This is Kanpi. Kalaya Tjukurpa, the place of the emu creation story. Winki Kalaya, tjuta (all the emus, lots of them) mapitja, (they travelled) to country west of Amata. There is a cave where they took shelter. Kalaya tjuta anyani (the emus are travelling) all round towards Ayers Rock.

Ngayuku ngura, Kanpi (this is my place, Kanpi). Tjukurpa mulapa, Tjukurpa pulka (this is a very important creation story). Ngayulu ninti pulka (I know this country and the ancestoral people for this place).” – Jimmy Baker