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Drought in the Great Sandy Desert

Ochre on Canvas
120.0 X 90.0cm
Community: Gulgagulganeng (Emu Creek)

“The artist grew up and worked for most of her life on Cherubun Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She has fond memories of ‘Holiday’ times during the wet season when station workers went back to country. This painting depicts times of server drought in the Great Sandy Desert. The artist remembers the 1950?sand 60?s when it didn’t rain for many years. Ultimately causing the what is now known as the Walmajarru Exodus. Trees right across the desert died as a result, the rectangular shapes show dead tree stump, the long curved shape shows a fallen tree – Ngalga that has tapped into underground soak water (circular shapes) and has managed to survive and throw new shoots.”