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Walayirtjatjara Ngintaka Tjukurpa

Acrylic on Linen
101.5 X 101.5cm
Community: Amata

Walayirtjatjara Ngintaka Tjukurpa – Creation story of the Monitor Lizard from Walayirtjatjara, WA.

Tradtiona;ly women inherited their rights to the grindstones, which were strategically placed around their lands so that they didn’t have to carry them around. This is the story about the wipu wara (long tail) Ngintaka wati (Lizard man) who stole the tjungari (grindstones) belonging to the Walayirtjatjara women.

The Ngintaka keeps it in his tail. The women say, “where’s that tjungari?” All the minyma (women) and tjitji (children) chase after the Ngintaka to get it back, saying “you steal that stone!” The Ngintaka travels south to Mimili where he camped then back to Walayirtjatjara via Angatja. When the women catch the Ngintaka “they feeling him, can’t find stone. Gimme, gimme stone the women say.” Eventually they get the stone back. Tiger has also included a wanampi or water snake. Tiger’s creation Story from his country is about the wanampi.The circles are rock/water holes.