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Mai Pulka

Acrylic on Linen
152.5 X 122.0cm
Community: Amata

Tiger is telling us about favourite traditional foods the Pitjantjatjara people hunted and cooked to eat. The large pink lizards with white spots are perentie or monitor lizard. The white lizards with yellow spots are tinka. The yellow dots in the middle represent kampurarpa or bush raisin. The other tiny yellow lizards with white spots are Ngiyari or Thorny Devils. The circles around the edges represent water or rock holes that collect water after the rains. The pointy shoe looking shape is where Tiger has incorporated the story of the minyma pampa or old woman called Malilu who lived in a cave. That story is also intertwined with the Creation Story about the two Wanampi Ancestors that created Tiger’s country – Piltati and which Tiger paints frequently.