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Tjukula Triptych

Acrylic on Linen
94.0 X 76.0cm
Community: Pukatja (Ernabella)

The many circles are the tjukula (rockholes) of Dickie’s ngura (country) that he has visited from his birth, through childhood, as a young man and now an Elder. Dickie remembers with clarity journeying across his country, whole families together, from waterhole to waterhole. He refers to the great signifcance of these places and Anangu tjuta (many people) searching for water sources, spending time in one place, and then as it dried up travelling to find another. Dickie’s birthplace is laced with stories of the ancestral beings who created the landmarks and played vital roles in the law giving stories. He speaks freely of each of these places, “following tracks”, the stories and the rich knowledge they hold for him and his family.